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Mobile Coffee Carts & Kiosks

Hot beverage service made easy....

Mobile beverage and coffee carts | custom design available | The London Coffee Carts

Custom built
coffee carts

We take care of everything you need for high street quality coffee in your business, from equipment, to products working along coffee machine partners to support and take care of every aspect so that you and your team will get the best experience.

Our bespoke mobile coffee carts are custom built and made to order.


They have everything you need to be up and running in 15 minutes! Our coffee carts are a great way to bring a professional coffee experience to an event or any area where water supply and plumbing may be an issue.

  • Cart ready to serve within just 15 minutes.

  • No plumbing required. Water pump and drum provided.

  • Only 1 regular plug socket required per cart.

  • Perfect for events, foyers or reception areas.

  • World class equipment.

  • Robust built.

  • Branding opportunities. 

Freshly brewed coffee where ever you like, where there it be a busy street corner, a corporate office, a local festival or to present your coffee products and services at an exhibition.

Mobile Coffee Carts_edited.png
Grab & Go and Cafe by Dupont Latour.jpg

Retail beverage points
& Kiosks

Using dedicated point of sale areas shown a significant increase in drink and food revenues.


It offers the end user additional point off sale creating added value food and beverage offers to extend your catering or commercial operation.


It provides a choice from a large range of convenient retail options, to use in a variety of locations, and at a lower price point than fitting out a whole cafe or food outlet.

With the ability to personalised your retail point with branded graphics, you create high impact locations and brand exposure.


From pop up kiosks to coffee carts and countertop coffee machine towers, their unique designs alongside easy maintenance make them the perfect partner for any coffee or food operation.

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