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Vending and Beverage Furniture

Looking to create a distinct identify...

Hot & Cold
Beverage Points

Being able to supply hot drinks and fresh chilled water through countertop equipment is an integral part of today's office building services.


- Our hot and cold beverage points can service end users with a dedicated point, that can be located any where in an office, reception or kitchen pantry allowing employees and visitors to use the area freely.

The units can be totally free standing or built in as a kitchen pantry with the equipment connected to a floor box or wall mounted services.


- Free standing units to be located almost anywhere within an area which also makes for easy re-positioning during the office move.

Made to order and to specifications, it will fit within your environment beautifully. 

Vending area by Dupont Latour.jpg

Vending Surrounds

Improving Vending Machines appearance
by creating attractive surroundings 

The perception of vending in the market place is changing and in order to maximise on its potential benefits it needs to be made more appealing to customers.  Vending surrounds can improve the perception of any vending areas, by creating an appealing area to present the food and drinks machines ultimately helping grow your sales.

The vending offer is quickly enhanced, providing an all together nicer facility for staff to enjoy.


We design vending surrounds for a whole range of industries, there is a solution for every need, in factories, offices or shopping malls, we create designs using materials and finishes to suit.

In locations where vending machines are the only food and drinks provision, we can create complete solutions to include microwaves, a sink area, storage, dispensing areas for plates and cutlery ​including recycling litter bins.

Be-spoke surrounds

The Benefits

  • Create strong retail area

  • Fully integrated within your building environment

  • Help improve and maximise your sales

  • Design to fit in a dedicated space

Modular surrounds

The Benefits

  • Fast turn around

  • Quick to install

  • Easy to brand

  • Cost effective

The possibilities are endless - we create functional and inspiring vending surround designs.

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