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Micro Market Stores

24/7 self-serve catering service...

A new work place customer experience

Micro markets are a quickly growing trend within the vending industry. In addition to supplying all that a traditional vending machine offers, a micro market allows food and beverage choices to be stored in fridges and open deck chillers for easy self-serve access 24/7.


This on-site store model is largely based on users taking advantage of a wide selection of products without the large cost constraint of an onsite catering facility. 


Employees get what the want, when they want it – without having to leave work.

The benefits

  • Work place retail refreshment solution

  • A 24/7 service accessible

  • More choice, offers and a wider product range

  • Flexible food and drink offer

  • Smaller food print required than a tradition catering offer

  • Staff remain on-site during breaks

If you want to see more information about this service please visit our Micro Market Company Website!

Hive Micro Market Design By Dupont Latour_edited.jpg
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